IWAACE 2020 is online now!!!

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IWAACE 2020 is online now!!!

For more infomation please check the webpage out or contact conference secretary Dr. Lin. 

Welcome all of experts and researchers who is major in the related area to participate in IWAACE 2020

Call for papers now!!

* Algorithms and Data Structures     算法和数据结构

* Artificial intelligence 人工智能

* Electrical systems     电气系统

* Machine Learning, Intelligent data analysis and Data Mining    机器学习、智能数据分析和数据挖掘  

* Mathematical and computer modellin     数学和计算机模拟

* Systems and automation    系统和自动化

* Process control   过程控制

* Network and system integration    网络与系统集成

* Computer control system   计算机控制系统

* Automatic test and fault diagnosis    自动测试与故障诊断

* Product quality control    产品质量控制

* Industrial control technology    工业控制技术

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