2020 4th International Workshop on Advanced Algorithms and Control Engineering (IWAACE 2020) accepts original and unpublished papers. The papers may include but are not limited to:

* Algorithms and Data Structures     算法和数据结构

* Artificial intelligence 人工智能

* Electrical systems     电气系统

Machine Learning, Intelligent data analysis and Data Mining    机器学习、智能数据分析和数据挖掘  

Mathematical and computer modellin     数学和计算机模拟

Systems and automation    系统和自动化

Process control   过程控制

* Network and system integration    网络与系统集成

* Computer control system   计算机控制系统

* Automatic test and fault diagnosis    自动测试与故障诊断

* Product quality control    产品质量控制

* Industrial control technology    工业控制技术

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