Welcome Dr.Selvaraj Kesavan from Accenture Solutions,India to be committee member!

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Dr.Selvaraj Kesavan

Accenture Solutions,India

Research Area: 

Cloud Computing, Mobile Multimedia, Multimedia Communications, Multimedia Streaming, Machine Learning, IoT Enabling Technologies and Future Design

Research Experience:

Dr.Selvaraj Kesavan has 14 years of industry experience in Research, Software solution architect, estimation, design and development of State-of-Art Cloud, IOT, Embedded, Multimedia and applications. He involved in design, development and system integration of end to end software stack across various mobile/embedded platforms and chipsets. He visited to multiple countries for to participate multiple customer workshops for solution bring up and optimization of multimedia stack and board bring up across diverse mobile platforms. He has published many papers in international journals and conferences. He is certified GE Predix cloud platform developer and certified AWS solution architect.

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