Welcome A. Prof. Yang Wang from Guangzhou Institute of Geography to be committee member!

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A. Prof. Yang Wang

Guangzhou Institute of Geography

王洋副教授 广州地理研究所

Research Area:Urban Geography, Urban Social Geography

Research Experience:

Wang Yang, PhD., is currently a research associate at the Guangzhou Institute of Geography and a planning engineer for urban and rural areas. His primary research areas are urban geography, urban social geography, and urban planning. He has published more than fifty academic papers, including seven SCI papers, published two monographs, received four software copyrights, and applied for two patents. At the same time, he has served as a reviewer for numerous international and domestic academic journals. He has presided over three research projects, namely, the National Natural Science Foundation of China, Guangzhou City Science and Technology Program, and the Guangzhou Institute of Geography Outstanding Youth Innovators Foundation. He has undertaken sixteen projects including the National Key Technology R&D Program and the National Natural Science Foundation of China, which have yielded significant returns. He has also hosted or participated and completed more than fifty urban planning and urban development strategy consulting projects.

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