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May. 17, 2019

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About 1-2 weeks after submission 

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May. 24, 2019

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May. 24-26, 2019

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​Welcome Dr. Liqiang Wang from Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences to be committee member!

Dr. Liqiang Wang 

Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences

王立强博士 中国地质科学院

Research Area:

Mineral Deposit Geology, Geochemistry of Mineral Deposit and Regional Mineralization Regularity

Research Experience:

2008 - 2010: Focusing on skarn Pb-Zn-Ag deposits and their mineralization regularity on the Gangdese metallogenic belt, Tibet.

2010 - 2014: Focusing on porphyry Mo-Cu mineralization, their metallogenesis, mineralization regularity, and prospecting on the Gangdese metallogenic belt, Tibet.

2015 - now: Focusing on metallogenesis of porphyry-epithermal Cu mineralization, quartz-vein type wolframite deposit, and Cu-Ag deposits related to the volcanic hydrothermal.

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