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May. 17, 2019

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May. 24, 2019

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May. 24-26, 2019

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Welcome Prof. Shanzhong Qi from Shandong Normal University to be committee member!

Prof. Shanzhong Qi

Shandong Normal University

齐善忠教授 山东师范大学

Research Area: 

Land use and land cover change (LUCC);Natural and man-made hazards;Resources and Environment Management

Research Exprience: 

Prof. Shanzhong Qi, doctor of Chinese academy of sciences, master of natural geography. He is also an expert of China postdoctoral fund evaluation, peer evaluation expert of shandong provincial department of science and technology soft science project, expert of evaluation of excellent achievement award of shandong provincial social science, member of expert database of jinan institute of environmental health science, peer evaluation expert of Tai’an City science and technology bureau project and member of China geographical society. His research interests include land use and land cover change, natural and man-made disasters and resource and environmental management. In recent years, the national social science fund, the state key laboratory of open fund in shandong province, shandong province key laboratory open funds, colleges and universities of science and technology plan projects such as eight, to participate in the national natural science foundation, national social science fund, 4 natural science foundation of shandong province and other projects, published more than 80 papers. 

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