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2019 5th International Forum on Engineering Materials and Manufacturing(IFEMMT 2019) aim to present the latest research and results of scientists related to engineering materials and manufacturing technology topics. This conference provides opportunities for the different areas delegates to exchange new ideas and application experiences face to face, to establish business or research relations and to find global partners for future collaboration. 

The topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

I. New Materials and Advanced Materials   新材料和先进材料

(01). Materials of lighting source          光源材料

(02). Semi-conductor materials            半导体材料 

(03). Insulating materials                      绝缘材料

(04). Electronic materials                      电子材料

(05). Non-ferrous Metal material        有色金属材料 

(06). Iron and Steel                               铁和钢

(07). Composites                                   复合材料

(08). Micro / Nano Materials               微/纳米材料

(09). Ceramic                                        陶瓷

(10). Optical/Electronic/Magnetic Materials    光学/电子/磁性材料

(11). New Functional Materials          新功能材料

(12). Building Materials                      建筑材料 

(13). New Energy Materials                新能源材料

(14). Environmental Friendly Materials      环保材料

(15). Earthquake Materials and Design     地震材料与设计

(16). Biomaterials                               生物材料

(17). Smart/Intelligent Materials/Intelligent Systems      智能/智能材料/智能系统

(18). Polymeric Materials                  高分子材料

(19). Thin Films                                  薄膜

(20). Corrosion of Materials and Surface treatment technology    材料腐蚀和表面处理技术

(21). Mechanical Behavior & Fracture      力学行为与断裂

(22). Tooling Testing and Evaluation of Materials       材料的模具测试和评估

(23). Research and Development of Composite Materials         复合材料的研究与开发

(24). Research and Development of New materials                    新材料的研究与开发

(25). New materials, New Technology and New Products          新材料、新技术和新产品


II. Advanced Design Technology        先进的设计技术

(26). Mechanical Dynamics and Its Applications               机械动力学及其应用

(27). Mechanical Transmission Theory and Applications       机械传动理论与应用

(28). Theory and Application of Friction and Wear           摩擦磨损理论与应用

(29). Vibration, Noise Analysis and Control                       振动、噪声分析和控制

(30). Dynamic Mechanical Analysis, Optimization and Control     动态力学分析,优化和控制

(31). Innovative Design Methodology               创新设计方法论

(32). Product Life Cycle Design                           产品生命周期设计

(33). Intelligent Optimization Design                 智能优化设计

(34). Structural Strength and Robustness          结构强度和稳健性

(35). Reverse Engineering                                  逆向工程

(36). Green Design and Manufacturing           绿色设计与制造

(37). Design for Sustainablility                         可持续性设计

(38). New Mechanisms and Robotics               新机制和机器人

(39). Complex Electro-mechanical System Design            复杂机电系统设计 

(40). Advanced CAE Technique                   先进的CAE技术  


III. Manufacturing Systems and Automation       制造系统和自动化

(41). Mechatronics                                                    机电一体化

(42). Industrial Robotics and Automation              工业机器人与自动化 

(43). Machine Vision                                                机器视觉

(44). Sensor Technology                                          传感器技术

(45). Measure Control Technologies and Intelligent Systems               测量控制技术和智能系统

(46). Transmission and Control of Fluid                 流体的传输和控制                                       

(47). Mechanical Control and Information Processing Technology    机械控制与信息处理技术

(48). Embedded System                                           嵌入式系统

(49). Advanced Forming Manufacturing and Equipment               先进的成型制造和设备

(50). NEMS/MEMS Technology and Equipment                             NEMS / MEMS技术和设备

(51). Micro-Electronic Packaging Technology and Equipment     微电子封装技术与设备

(52). Advanced NC Techniques and Equipment       先进的数控技术和设备

(53). Power and Fluid Machinery                               动力和流体机械

(54). Energy Machinery and Equipment                    能源机械和设备

(55). Construction Machinery and Equipment          工程机械设备 

(56). Information Technology and Knowledge Engineering, Quality and Quality Management       


(57). Industrial Economics and Ecological (Environmental Protection)        工业经济与生态(环境保护)


IV.Other Related Topics          其他相关主题

(58). Other Related Topics        其他相关主题

Important Dates

截稿日期 Submission Deadline:

April 8, 2019


录用通知 Notification Date:

About 1-2 weeks after the submission 


注册截止 Registration Deadline:April 14, 2019


大会时间 Conference Date:

April 12-14, 2019

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