Oct.25-27 2019
Xian, China
Keynote Speakers/主讲嘉宾


Prof.Kan-Lin Hsueh  薛康琳教授


Department of Energy Engineering, National United University

研究领域:电化学; 燃料电池; 电池; 电化学阻抗;光谱;电极;电解质

Research Area: Electrochemistry; Fuel Cells; Battery; Electrochemical Impedance; Spectroscopy; Electrodes; Electrolytes; Energy Storage

薛康琳教授在1977年中原大学获得学士学位,1980年在美国克拉克森大学获得学士学位并于1983年获得博士学位。2007-2016年,他担任国立联合大学能源工程系副教授兼系主任,至今担任能源工程系教授,  兼理工学院院长。薛教授在NanoSciences Corp担任研究院超过10年,也在清华大学担任副教授15年有余。他的研究领域有电化学; 燃料电池; 电池; 电化学阻抗;光谱;电极;电解质。同时他在著名期刊发表了100多篇稿件,Journal of Power Sources, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 39 (2014) 21177-21184, Journal of the Electrochemical Society。


Title: Application of Electrochemical Techniques on the Research of Redox Flow Battery for energy storage



The power grid with renewable energy require electricity storage facilities for power regulation and management. All vanadium redox flow batteries have great potential for large-scale storage applications. The characteristics of such batteries still need to be improved. Various electrochemical techniques can be used for the research and development of such batteries. Electrochemical techniques such as potential linear scanning, cyclic voltammetry, AC impedance analysis, rotating electrodes, and secondary current modeling were used for analysis and diagnosis of battery characteristics. Electrode reaction kinetics, crossover of membrane, battery internal resistance, charge/discharge efficiency, power density, state-of-charge can be analyzed with these techniques. Practical examples will be briefly described in this lecture.

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