Keynote Speakers/主讲嘉宾

Keynote Speakers/主讲嘉宾


A.Prof.Hung Keung, The Education University of Hong Kong, China


Research Area:Motion & Information Graphic  // Interactive & Digital Moving Images // Visualisation Skill & Information Graphic // New Media Art Research, Theory & Practice


Title:The transformation from traditional Chinese art theory to inclusive & digital media art education : Interactive Chinese Characters as a new learning method.



This experimental research indicated that the four-dimensional construction of Chinese characters can create temporal and spatial experiences. This presentation includes two research projects: (1) “New Chinese-tai chi-typo system: Designing and Reinventing New format of Chinese Typo for effective Tai Chi practices”; and (2) “See Through Your Hands: Bringing Calligraphic Art to the Visually Impaired through 3D Technology”.  The first project aims to create a new Chinese-Typo system in order to bring a way of easy memory for Tai Chi practices – entitled “New Chinese-tai chi-typo system”.  The research method is to design and study to combination of different Chinese text and pictograms. Redesign the position of different but relevant character s together into one phase, but doesn’t effect its original meaning. The researcher aims to hand in a new research direction focus- new Chinese-Typo system, which help to make memorizing the Tai Chi steps easier. The result might help to contribute continuous academic research in theoretical and methodological aspects on how to bring Chinese heritage and intellects to contemporary design through practices in research, which aims to implement with user experience and medium of all kinds, in a result, the researcher aims to suggest new aesthetic perspective and approaches that manifests the fusion of Hong Kong cultural and transferable application skill for contemporary Chinese typography design. 

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Director Dr.Muhamad Fazil Ahmad, Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin, Malaysia

Research Area: Human Communications, Halal Labelling, Social Sciences and Humanities, Public Relations, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Screen and Cultural Studies


Title:The Strategic of Corporate Social Responsibility Management in Improving Society Sustainable Development 



Malaysia is committed and confident in achieving the 2030 United Nations Sustainable Development Agenda. The nation has demonstrated that it is possible to set and achieve the targets through sustained, systematic and dedicated efforts. The importance of addressing the topic of sustainable development has been widely acknowledged. The researchers call for future studies that would develop new perspectives to establish a model of Corporate Social Responsibility Management (CSRM) to improve sustainable development performance. Currently, most of studies focus on organizational perspectives, while the individual perspective on the issue of greenwashing and its impacts on economy, society, and environment are not extensively covered. In addition, a comprehensive Corporate Social Responsibility Management Model is yet to be developed. Therefore, this study wants to explore on how Corporate Social Responsibility Management Model could serve as a guide to improve the sustainability performance and reduce the practice of greenwashing to society. A literature review and qualitative data collection, combining two focus groups and six interviews with opinion leaders, were the basis for a discussion on this study. The respondents were those who involved in managing sustainable development and social responsibility management in their companies. The results would present the need to enhance corporate social responsibility management model by including the sustainability elements such as economic, social and environment. Moreover, this study showed the importance of knowledge transfer variable in the model. More importantly, the outcomes of Corporate Social Responsibility Management could be used to measure outcomes of society sustainable development in this context in order to provide insight into the true impact of the sustainability performance for the societal well-being in Malaysia.


A.Prof.Lin Li, Northwestern Polytechnical University, China


Research Area:Children's language development


Title:Study on development of preschool children 's narrative abilities  in mandarin-speaking context



The ability for children to narrate is indispensable to the overall communicative competence and literacy skills needed at schools later. It involves the coordination of a web of knowledge, cognitive abilities and linguistic abilities. Narrative abilities that preschool children display can not only present their linguistic, cognitive and social development, but also foretell how they will perform when they will be learning reading and writing at school later. Hence, the development of narrative abilities is of significance to preschool children and the related research is applicable and practical. This research aims to do study and analysis on a text level to analyze the dynamic developmental pattern of preschool children’s narrative abilities.

In line with this aim, the study looks particularly at development patterns and characteristics of micro- and macro-structural dimensions in preschool children’s narratives from 48m to 72m. Eight dimensions are singled out to be studied in detail, i.e. orientation, complicating action, evaluation, dialogue, reference, ellipsis, MLU (MLU5), and conjunctions. The results indicate that the usages of the eight dimensions are not developing synchronically, though the preschool children’s narrative abilities generally grow over the period from 48m to 72m. The individual child studied also displays a similar developing pattern with some slight deviations concerning both macro- and micro-structural dimensions.

However, the preschool children’s narrative development is not balanced in our country, i.e. that of children in poverty-stricken area lags behind that of children in economically developed areas.      

The FLP has been carried out in UK and some European countries for dozens of years and has been justified to benefit the newly immigrated and poverty-stricken families. Through the programs, both parents and their children can be promoted concerning their language performance and literacy skills. The programs could be helpful in solving the problem of poor early literacy education in our western poverty-stricken area.  Children may benefit from the improvement of their parents’ overall literacy.


A. Prof.Ku Cheng-Ping, FU JEN Catholic University, Taiwan


Research Area:Theories of Comparative Literature, Oriental and Occidental Literatures, Arts ( including Cinema), Occidental Literature of Theory in 20 Century, Theory of Inter-Cultures...


Title:Step Forward To Go the Cyber-Times – Which Will Be Changed In Future (Post-Post Modernism)? The meaning of Science of Humanities and Development of Sociality?

标题:走向网络时代 - 未来将会发生什么变化(后发现代主义)? 人文科学与社会性发展的意义?


We are in Cyber-Times and live in Cyber-Space already! Since Post-Modernism, we have got a key to enter this great Temple, but we still haven’t been felt yet away! Before explaining the meaning of Cyber-Times and Cyber-Space, I would like to give a citation by Andy Whole in 1960: “everybody could become famous one day.” He was really a prophet due to what he said in the middle of 20 century realize today in 21 century. Simply, everybody can use many kind of Social Medias application and direct Live on Video….. (My own experiences)

But Are they affected with the meaning of Humanity? And these events cause an inevitable influences we have never imagined before about Sociality or his Plural? Even concerned about Education and Communication? Is it possible to make different cultures be in one as Globalization of Culture or induce a kind of Inter-Cultures? Or Lead to another Crisis from cultural or others domain’s competitions between different Countries?

To be added......