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Welcome A.Prof.Yuanyuan LI from Jiangnan university to be committee member!

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A.Prof.Yuanyuan LI

School of business,Jiangnan university,China

Research Area:

entrepreneurship ,institutional theory ,financial innovation

Research Experience:

My research is focus on the institutional influence on the growth and creation of new organizations and economic activities and its mechanism, as well as the entrepreneurs’ choices and responses to such institutional arrangement and pressures. I am also very interested in social networks and financial innovation, especially in entrepreneurial field. Many of my articles have published in periodicals. the following are the typical one:
“The effect of industry cluster relationship embedding on new firm performance”, Chinese journal of management,2016,13(5),pp.697-706.
“Analysis on the Evolution of the Exhibiting or Hiding Innovation Behavior of Enterprises in the Industry Cluster”, Science and Technology Management Research, 2016,36(8),pp.173-178.
“A Comparative Study of Entrepreneurial Institutional Environment of Traditional and High-Tech Industry Clusters”, Forum on Science and Technology in China, 2015(7) ,pp.51-56.
“Research on the effect of organizational legitimacy on entrepreneurial performance in hostile environment” Enterprise Economy, 2015(9) ,pp.183-188.
“Research on the Entrepreneurship Embedded in Industry Cluster from the Perspective of Organizational Legitimacy”, Science of Science and Management of S. &T. 2014,35(5),pp.91-99.
“Research on the behavior of ERP Adoption of Enterprises in Industrial Cluster from the Perspective of Institution”, Economic Management, 2014, 36(6),pp.136-146.
“Research on the legitimacy of entrepreneurial process in industrial cluster”, Science & Technology Progress And Policy, 2014, 31(9) ,pp.60-65.