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Welcome A.Prof.Deyou Liang from Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications to be committee member!

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A.Prof.Deyou Liang

Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications

Research Area:

Political Sociology

Research Experience:

2014.6-2017.6. Study on the Expression of Non-institutionalized Benefits of the Vulnerable Groups, sponsored by the China’s National Foundation of Social Science

     2014.2-2015.6. Study on the System and Path of Ethical Concern for Disabled Groups, sponsored by the Disabled Persons Federation of China

    2011.6-2014.2. Study on Coping Mechanisms of Chinese College Mass Emergency under the Construction of Harmonious Campus, sponsored by the Humanities and social Science Fund, Ministry of Education  

2012.2-2012.10.Study on Mass Contingency Events of the Vulnerable Groups, sponsored by the Postdoctoral Science Foundation of China

2011.6-2012.6.Study on the Solutions of College Mass Emergency in the Transitional Society, sponsored by the Postdoctoral Research Foundation of Jiangsu Province

2012.6-2013.8. Study on the Equal Rights for the Disabled Groups: Status Quo, Problem, and Solution, sponsored by the Federation of the Disabled in Jiangsu Province

2009.10-2010.6.Study on the Ethic of Responsibility of Subvention System for Poverty Stricken Students in Colleges, the Key Project of the Eleventh Five-year Plan of Jiangsu Education and Science