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Welcome Senior Engineer Wei Shi from Xi 'an municipal solid waste management office to be committee member!

Senior Engineer Wei Shi, Xi 'an municipal solid waste management office, shaanxi province, China

Research Area: Treatment of Solid Waste and Its Resource Utilization

Research Experience:

Since 2012,aiming at the low utilization rate of landfill gas in Jiangcunggou municipal solid waste landfill, organized landfill gas extraction test and landfill gas production evaluation, and proposed the method of closed landfill. The landfill gas collection has increased from 80,000 m/d in 2012 to 200,000 m/d in 2018. Based on the above work practice, published “Assessment of Landfill Gas Collection Rate and Suggestions for Efficient Collection of Landfill Gas” in August 2015 “Environmental Sanitation Engineering”, sole author, providing important technical reference for the industry.

   Since 2013, Participation in the National Key Basic Research Program(973) which presided over by Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences (Zhejiang University) Chen Yunmin, take part in the sub-project " Basic Research on Potential Environmental Disasters and Sustainable Prevention and Control of Solid Waste Landfill in City(2012CB719800)”. Organize and participate in the construction of Jiangcungou landfill scientific research base in Xi'an city.

   Since 2014, with the increasing height of Jiangcunggou landfill, in order to ensure the stability and safety of landfill, according to the requirements of "Geotechnical Engineering Technical Manual for Municipal Waste Landfill", the monitoring of landfill stability was carried out, which united with Zhejiang University. Based on the monitoring data, a number of scientific achievements have been achieved, which have been successfully applied in production.

   Participated in the sub-project of National Key Basic Research Program(973) "Landfill Instability Flow Slip Mechanism and Disaster Assessment(2012CB719803)”, which cooperated with Tongji University, Zhejiang University and other scientific research institutions. The project has formed a set of “key technologies for landfill instability and pollution control under complex conditions”, and jointly declared and won the second prize of Shanghai Science and Technology Progress in 2015.

   From 2017 to 2018, organized and constructed Jiangcunggou Landfill Digital Supervision Platform. A digital management platform with the most complete functions of landfills has been built in China. For the first time, the platform uses full-automatic electronic total station to monitor the displacement and settlement data of landfill slopes on-line in real time, which greatly shortens the early warning period of landfill safety. Provides strong technical support on landfill stability control.

Important Dates

Submission Deadline:Mar 11, 2019


Notification Date:About 1-2 weeks after the submission


Registration Deadline:Mar 17, 2019


Conference Date:Mar.15-17, 2019

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