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Keynote Speakers/主讲嘉宾

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A.Prof.  Tao Zhang, College of Resources and Environmental Sciences,China Agricultural University, China

张涛副教授 中国农业大学

Research Area: Waste disposal and resource utilization


Title: Biomass stabilization:phosphorus fixation and utilization



To increase livestock sector phosphorus use efficiency, numbers methods to treat waste agricultural biomass have been researched to recycle phosphorus. Thermal conversion (ultrasound, hydrothermal process, Microwaves digestion) as pretreatment shows good performance for the solubilization of OP and sparingly soluble P. Modified biochar (HFO/biochar, Mg/biochar, Ca-Mg/biochar) have significant effect on P fixation. Saturated adsorbed modified biochar could continually release P and is therefore suitable for use in soil environment.

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A.Prof. Omid M. Rouhani, McGill University,Canada

Omid M. Rouhani助教授 麦吉尔大学

Research Area: Transportation systems analysis


Title: Perceptions and Preferences regarding Energy and Environmental Costs: The Case of Montreal Transport Users



Providing travel-related fuel and environmental information to transport users is becoming increasingly relevant. However, the impact of providing such information on users’ travel behavior is yet to be determined. This research examined the perceptions and preferences related to the fuel consumption costs, greenhouse gas (GHG) social costs, and health-related air pollution costs, and the influence such information could have on travel behavior. Examining the case of Montreal transport users, the authors conducted a survey in which the respondents were asked general and stated preference questions. The respondents were found unaware of the energy and environmental footprints of their travel. Approximately 85% of the respondents were not able to estimate GHG social costs and health-related air pollution costs across different modes. The respondents generally overestimated these costs and they interestingly reported higher environmental costs for public transport (metro) compared to cars. They also preferred to receive such information in monetary units, and they were more comfortable in receiving the information through mobile applications over other tools/means. The research also found that fuel and environmental information influence respondents’ travel decisions especially their route choices. Finally, the respondents would be willing to pay an average of CAD7/month in exchange for obtaining the information.

Oral Presentation/口头报告

Sajid Hussain Qazi_gaitubao_com_80x104.jpg

A.Prof. Sajid Hussain Qazi,Mehran University Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Campus, Khairpur Mir's, Sindh, Pakistan

Sajid Hussain Qazi助教授 巴基斯坦迈赫兰大学

Research Area:Microgrid, Interconnection of Renewable Sources, Power Quality, Energy Management


Title: Mitigation of Load Harmonics From Grid Connected Wind Turbine Using Shunt Active Power Filter



In this paper, load harmonic mitigation method has been proposed for grid connected variable speed wind turbine generator using Shunt Active Power Filter. The main advantage of this method is eliminating the effect of load harmonics from terminals of wind turbine generator and from the Point of Common Coupling. To evaluate the performance of shunt APF, two strategies have been utilized separately for extracting harmonic reference signal: the instantaneous reactive power method (pq method) and Synchronous Reference Frame technique. To prove the effectiveness of the proposed system, MATLAB simulations have been carried out on 120 kV grid connected Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator based wind turbine. Furthermore, nonlinear load is also attached to PCC under fixed and variable wind speed between 8 to 12 m/s separately. For proper operation of APF, switching pulses have been produced by hysteresis band current control. This technique decreases the magnitude of Total Harmonic Distortion to an acceptable limit set by IEEE-519 standard for harmonic control. Results have also shown that the shunt APF with SRF technique yields better performance under fixed and fluctuating wind speed compared to pq method.

Important Dates

Submission Deadline:Mar 11, 2019


Notification Date:About 1-2 weeks after the submission


Registration Deadline:Mar 17, 2019


Conference Date:Mar.15-17, 2019

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