Welcome Dr. Kamsiah Mohd Ismail from International Islamic University Malaysia, Malaysia to be committee member!

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Dr. Kamsiah Mohd Ismail

International Islamic University Malaysia, Malaysia

Research Area:

Behavior of lightweight concrete materials, Polymer composites, BIM, Engineering Education-Project-based learning.

Research Experience:

I have carried out research on lightweight concrete specifically on the structural behavior on the flat and corrugated sheets using fibre-reinforced concrete. Currently doing research on fibre-reinforced concrete using recycled materials such as pet bottles and binding agent for concrete materials.

I am also involved with the research in BIM for heritage buildings in Malaysia, Characterization of Malay Architectural Components through BIM-Based Modelling and Semantic Enrichment for Urban Buildings and research in practical-oriented in engineering education to study A Framework for application-based teaching and learning in engineering technology education in Malaysia

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