Welcome Dr. Pan Zhengqi from Singapore University of Social Sciences, Singapore to be committee member!

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Dr. Pan Zhengqi, Singapore University of Social Sciences, Business Program

Research Area: International Political Economy, Political Economy of Asia, Social Network Analysis, Complexity Science, International Relations

Research Experience:

Dr Pan Zhengqi is a lecturer in the School of Business, Singapore University of Social Sciences. He earned his Ph.D. from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and received his postdoctoral training at the National University of Singapore’s Global Production Networks Center. His broad research agenda relates to the politics of international trade. In particular, he is interested in the institutional governance of trade and global production networks by major political actors such as the state and intergovernmental organizations. Moreover, he bases most of his work on the regions of Northeast and Southeast Asia, given the regions’ strategic state-led developmentalism and meteoric rise as a global manufacturing hub. Methodologically, his research involves social network analysis, complexity science and statistics. Together, his research offers insights to both the dynamics of Asian state-business relations and the role that international organizations play in an increasingly complex and interconnected world. He has published in refereed international journals and book chapters on topics related to international trade, global value chains, international organizations and strategic innovation partnerships.