Welcome A. Prof. Xinghua Lu from Huali College of Guangdong University of Technology to be committee member!

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A. Prof. Xinghua Lu

Huali College of Guangdong University of Technology

Research Area: Robot control technology, Shape control method of unmanned aerial vehivle

Research Exprience:

Xinghua Lu, male, 35 years old, associate professor of computer applications, senior engineer, master's degree, engaged in teaching and researching in robot control, unmanned aerial vehicle control and application technology related fields. I am currently the head of the Institute of control technology at  Huali College of Guangdong University of Technology, the head of the computer science department and the academic leader.

At present, I have undertaken 3 scientific research projects of Guangdong Province, 4 provincial teaching quality projects, and more than 30 academic papers published in recent three years. Among them, EI, ISTP and CSCD collected 12 articles and authorized 6 patents.

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