Welcome Mr. Zhen Wang from CSG EHV Power Transmission Company, China to be committee member!

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Mr. Zhen Wang

CSG EHV Power Transmission Company, China

Research Area: 

HVDC control and protection 

Research Experience:

Zhen Wang,male,senior engineer,technical expert of CSG EHV Power Transmission Company, graduated from Fuzhou University in April 2006 with the major of power system and automation,master's degree of engineering. After graduation in 2006, he was engaged in the research of HVDC control and protection technology in EHV transmission company.During this period, he chaired 6 research projects of science and technology, and 11 scientific and technological achievements at provincial and ministerial levels, including 3 prizes for scientific and technological progress of South Grid Corporation and 1 prize for electric power science and technology.

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