Welcome Prof. Tsungting Chung from National Yunlin University of Science and Technology, TAIWAN, China to be committee member!

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Prof. Tsungting Chung, Department of Business Administration, National Yunlin University of Science and Technology, TAIWAN, China

Research Area: International Business, International Negotiation (conflict management), Strategic Alliance/ Market Entry, Case Study

Research Experience:

Most of his researches and publications are in the field of international management and Negotiation (conflict management), including cross culture mediator behavior, gender and negotiation, trust in negotiation, international merger and acquisition negotiation, market entry, partnership and strategic alliance, etc. Along with research grants from National Science Council, he is also a recipient of grants from Ministry of Education to conduct cases studies on Taiwan industry.

His books, The Introduction of ESports(2018) (China Higher Education Publisher),Negotiation (2017),Doing Research: Qualitative and Quantitative Approaches (2009) and International Negotiation (2008),and articles: ”The Study on the Relevance between the Extent of the Japanese Family Business Founder’s Leadership Style and Internationalization”,The International Journal of Organizational Innovation,9(3):7-14 (2017) (EI);“Family Business Internationalization: The Role of Entrepreneurship and Generation Involvement”,Anthropologist17(3), (2014)(SSCI)(2014);with Mu-Ke Chen, “Is Cultural Adjustment a Way to Improve the Employee High Turnover Rate in Lodging Industry?” Journal of Tourism and Leisure Studies 20(3), (2014) (TSSCI) are the most recent works.

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