Welcome Prof. Stuart Perrin from Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, China to be committee member!

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Prof. Stuart Perrin, Institute of Leadership and Education Advanced Development, Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, China

Research Area:

  1. Academic literacies and its application to the international university
  2. Identity and language choice
  3. Transnational/Global Education
  4. English as a world lingua franca
  5. Second Language acquisition and identity
  6. Language testing
  7. Language Policy
  8. Writing in the curriculum, and developing workable pedagogic models of writing in Higher Education Teaching

Recent Publications:

  1. Albl-Mikasa, M. and Perrin, S. 2018. ‘English as a working language in a Transnational Education environment in China: ELF from the angle of situated and cooperative cognition’. Swiss Journal of Applied Linguistics 107. 143-157.
  2. Perrin, S: 2017: ‘Language Policy and TNE’s: What role for what English’. In B. Fenton-Smith, P. Humphreys & I. Walkinshaw (eds) English as a Medium of Instruction in Higher Education in Asia-Pacific: Issues and Challenges.
  3. Perrin S. 2015: ‘Why does Meredith want to sound like ‘The Queen’? An investigation into Identity issues surrounding spoken English usage of Chinese ELF speakers in London’. In A.H. Fabricius & B. Preisler Transcultural Interaction and Linguistic Diversity in Higher Education: The Student Experience .

Recent Grants:

  1. Albl-Mikasa, M. and Perrin, S. 2016. Writing Interpreting in TNE Environments: Impact of English variety on accuracy and performance. Sino Swiss Science and Technology Cooperation Program 2013-2016. Seed Money Grants for Joint Projects in the Social Sciences and Humanities. CHF14980.
  2. Wang, L., Perrin, S., & Wilson, J. 2015. The development and standard of fully English-taught curriculums in Jiangsu province. Jiangsu DoE award. 30000 RMB
  3. Perrin, S & Albl-Mikasa, M. 2015. Writing Interpreting in TNE Environments: Impact of English variety on accuracy and performance. XJTLU RDF award. 45,200 RMB

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