Welcome Dr. Samuel Kim Kwong KWOK from Xian Jiaotong-Liverpool University, China to be committee member!

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Dr. Samuel Kim Kwong KWOK, IBSS -Department Accounting and Finance, Xian Jiaotong-Liverpool University, China

Research Area: Artificial Intelligence, Online Branding Management, Bullion International market, Risk Matrix

Research Experience:

As classified as a Practice Academic(PA), Dr. Kwok's research focus are on industry analysis and AI strategic management issues including brand management on e-platform(the authenticity issue), bullion market cross border operation, risk matrix formulation and leadership style change. He is a columnist of the 21st Century Business Herald for ten years. His published articles and books including: Strategy of China bullion markets integration and its financial impact, People’s Daily Press – China 2016, and a Chapter on: Shenzhen-Hong Kong Gold Connect - Design and Establishment' in (eds.) Essays on the 15th anniversary of the China Gold Market, China Financial and Economic Publishing House in 2018.   Dr. Kwok received the 2017 Best Paper Award, China Gold Association and Shanghai Gold Exchange, and the Teaching Excellence Award, The Association of International Accountants - United Kingdom in 2017

Dr. Samuel Kwok is a Visiting Professor of Zhejiang University, SAIF-Shanghai Jiao Tong University, HuaZhong Agriculture University, The University of Hong Kong, and Northampton Business School, giving accounting and finance related seminars and research mentoring to both undergraduate and post-graduate students. Samuel is also a DProf researcher of the Institute of Work-Based Learning -Middlesex University London.  He is a practitioner-researcher who endeavor to link knowledge and practice by work-based research that making real impact to the new era of management. 

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