Welcome Senior Engineer. Tang Bingsong from Zhejiang Guangsha Applied Construction Technology College to be committee member!

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Senior Engineer. Tang Bingsong, Zhejiang Guangsha Applied Construction Technology College, China

Research Area:

PPP, conflict management in PM

Research Experience:

Bingsong Tang is now senior Engineer at Zhejiang Guangsha College of Applied Construction Technology with Master Degree from Southeast University(2008) and Bachelor Degree from Ningbo University(2005). After graduation from university, he worked in industrial company for 10 years. He has rich professional and practical experience and dedicating his rest time in University. 

His interests include PPP and conflict management in PM. Many papers have been published, including JCE, JEM,JCEM, et al in Chinese. His contributions are mainly in conflict management in PM(CMPM), including theory framework of CMPM and also practical experience in CMPM is summarized systematically. Repercussions have been achieved in his research work. His papers have been cited more than 30 times.