Welcome A.Pro.Juan Carlos Dall’Asta from Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, China to committee member!  

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A.Pro.Juan Carlos Dall’Asta

Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, China

Research Area: 

Sustainable Architecture

Research Experience:

Juan Carlos Dall’Asta is an Associate Professor at the Department of Architecture at the Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, Suzhou. He holds a PhD in Architectural and Urban Design from Politecnico di Milano(2008).

As an architect was heading for more than ten years the Design Atelier 3m03 in Italy, building important architectures both public and private. His research is focused on sustainable architectural transformation and urban regeneration processes, highly oriented to the enhancement of existing assets exploring new paradigms through innovative urban design strategies. His research interest spotlights three main strands:

- The transformation processes of the contemporary inhabited urban tissue, initiating the comprehension of the urban and landscape signs and stratifications, interpreting the traces of memory to construct a hypothesis and design strategies for urban regeneration on different scales. The research explores stratified-multilayered context, with the intention to elaborate the possible processes of regeneration, reusing and recycling.

- Creativity and innovation as architectural, urban and landscape design tools. New paradigms employing weak actions for the transformation of fragile context. The research through the survey of the processes for generating incubators and creative clusters as devices for reactivation of the neglected places and abandoned tissues elaborates the concepts of "permanence" and "variability", "traditional" and “innovative”, “software” and “hardware” simultaneously applied on a local and global scale.

- The “Material" as a tool for exploring, interpreting and designing the architectural space. "Re-thinking with hands" poses the reflection of an operational methodology of spatial construction where the form finds a partial synthesis. Furthermore, the “Material” is important for the investigation of the interaction between the technological evolution compared to the linguistic innovation in architecture. The main research strands, developed in recent years, are extremely focused on the interdisciplinary approach which simultaneously creates an international research profile and a substantial networking capacity. The out-coming publications represent an interesting reflection of the significant phenomena of modification in which just a sustainable and qualitative architectural design approach could enhance the underlining contextual conditions.

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