Welcome Prof. Qun Du ​from Law School, Beihang University to be Committee Member!

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Prof. Qun Du, Centre of Environmental and Natural Resources Law, Law School, Beihang University, China

Research Area: 

Ecosystem and biodiversity conservation Law,Natural Resources Law and Policy, Energy Policy

Research Experience:

Ms. Du Qun has degrees of Bachelor in international law (WHU), LLM (WHU), Ph.D of law (Peking University). She is professor of law and vice president of Chinese Society of Environmental and Natural Resources Law. She newly joins in Beihang University Law School in January 2019. Before she had worked as professor and deputy director of the Institute of Environmental Law(RIEL), Wuhan University (WHU) PRC for 14 years. She has presided many key national research projects and participated in many important international cooperative projects on environment and development. She had served as a project coordinator for the GEF-PRC OP12 Capacity Building Project for Land Degradation Control in Dry ecosystem (2005-09). She is a member of both the IUCN Commission on Environmental Law (CEL), and once co-chaired of IUCN CEL Specialist Group on sustainable use of soil for many years. Her teaching and research focuses on Chinese environmental law, natural resource policy and law and general international environmental law. She has published many academic papers and a number of books on environmental and natural resources law and policy issues.