Welcome Lec.Yahui Wang ​from Hunan University of Arts and Science, School of Resource, Environment, and to be Committee Member!

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Lec.Yahui WangSchool of Resource, Environment, and Tourism, Hunan University of Arts and Science, China

Research Area: 

Tourism Economics

Research Experience:

1、Presided over and completed a project of education department of Hunan province, China (Study on the relationship between urban tourism development and economic growth: a case study of Dongting lake ecological economic zone , Grant No. 15C0952);

2、Major participant of natural science foundation of China (Study on the driving factors, bottlenecks and improvement paths of commonweal scenic spots , Grant No. 41571116);

3、Major participant is a in the central and eastern European project  commissioned by the ministry of foreign affairs of China ( Research on tourism cooperation between China and CEECS, Grant No.KT201402);

4、Major participants in wine culture;

5、Published nearly 20 academic papers in such authoritative journals as Economic Management and Tourism Science;

6、Participated such several planning projects as The Shanghai "13th five-year" Tourism Market Special Planning ".